Article Writing Invitation


Jurnal Ilmiah GEMA PERENCANA is published by the Planning Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The manuscripts published in this scientific journal come from "Policy Papers" from planners, researchers and related academics in the fields of: Social, Educational, Economic and Spatial Planning from a religious and religious perspective.

Jurnal Ilmiah GEMA PERENCANA can be published and presented to readers in online form, which can be accessed openly (Open Access Journal) with a publication frequency of 3 (three) times in 1 (one) year, namely: April; August; and December.

The Editorial Board of JURNAL ILMIAH GEMA PERENCANA invites you, especially the Planners within the Ministry of Religious Affairs to submit their "Policy Paper" in the FOCUS of: Social, Education, Economics, and Spatial for the religion and religious SCOPE

Provisions for writing articles on JURNAL ILMIAH GEMA PERENCANA can be seen further in the TEMPLATE of this journal.